Designer's Gallery Studio III

Designer's Gallery Studio III 3.12

Manage and organize materials and entire design projects
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Designer's Gallery Software

Save and restore designs on your computer. Memorize the locations and related files to directly open them in the suite for basic and advanced editing. Work with storage areas on hard drives, CDs, thumb drives, etc. Search for specific content by format or keywords.

Studio III remembers where you save your designs even when you don't.Whether it's on your hard drive, a CD or thumb drive, this design library software from Designer's Gallery includes keyword searches and customized catalogs. Plus, enjoy color sorting options for perfect embroidery every time.
- Catalogs original artwork files, inspiration images and completed embroidery designs
- Browse your designs, images and text files, even in Zip folders
- Keeps track of your designs for you, and remembers where you put them
- Manages your CDs, floppy disks and USB drives, and remembers what files are on each disk
- Automatically create design notes about your embroidery files
- Includes easy File Management tools for adding, deleting, renaming folders and files
- Convert designs to and from most home embroidery formats
- Convert a design to a bitmap file for re-digitizing, or for use on the web
- Add / Remove / Adjust order of colors and color stops
- Simulate the embroidery - watch and control with forward or backward views to see how the design is stitched
- Adjust the colors in a design, even matching threads
- Manually sort and rearrange the color sequence
- Select a thread brand to convert from, and a brand to convert to
- Easily select the color by name, number, or by simply holding a spool of thread against your computer screen
- Accurate color matching - even hard-to-match pastels
- Merge designs together
- Rotate and size designs without stitch recalculation
- Mirror designs
- Color Sort saves you time by reducing the number of thread changes in your designs
- Auto Baste adds a color stop to the start of a design that will baste the rectangular outline of the design
- Centers designs automatically
- Estimate the thread usage of your designs
- Reduces the number of separate colors in a design
- Convert complete designs into specific thread brands
- Prints in 3D as well as a separate color page and crosshairs to aid in design placement
- You select a project type to ask for embroidering advice
- Needle size and thread are recommended
- Stabilizers (top and / or bottom) are recommended
- "How-to" tips and useful reminders are displayed

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